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Love Always Taken for Granted

(Evening) Aaru was not himself all throughout the evening, and it was now clear to Shakshi that something was wrong with him. He had only curved his lips to smile once that was too a courtesy smile. When he had called to meet, Shakshi could read some unrest in his voice. He seemed like a broken man. There were constant thoughts running in his head, but couldn’t get the words to express himself. He had tried to say something, but then he would turn his head and look the other way. His eyes wanted to sweat some tears, and he felt like there were thousand pins piercing his heart.


The time after my laptop got stolen from my house, which had the only copy of my novel, and yes I am that stupid not to have a backup elsewhere, I was walking or wandering, low on confidence. At that particular time, I was struggling to crawl out of the clutches of the infamous three ‘S’s’ self-pity, self-loathing, and self-condemnatory. They had their claws so deep into my skin that when I bleed, I also started to lose the joy which I got from putting together a story on a blank page. Even in my desperate state, I stared at the blank page for hours, hoping that I would be able to put together few sentences, but that didn’t happen. Finally, I had to give up and return to the world where fictional characters were replaced by real people. Instead of me that were creating problems for these fictional characters to overcome, I was dealing with real people who had a lot of real problems. As I got use to this routine, I began to realise, that it has been two months, and I haven’t written an…