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Short story : The passionate first kiss

Throughout the drive back home, vivid memories of her glowing face kept rolling in my head. All the time we spent alone with each other, and yet I was never bothered to look past my friend, to see how beautiful she has become. Upon reaching home, my brain flustered with so many thoughts of her, I decided to call her up and ask her to meet me. She being her usual self asked me to come to her place. I told my mom I was going out, as I raced my way to her place which wasn’t that far. Reaching there, I rang the doorbell. My eyes caught a slight glance at her garage. Fortunately, there were no cars parked, which was a great relief. It would be already difficult to get my thoughts together with the new found interest in her, let alone to talk to her when her with her mom snooping around.

Short story : Death of a relationship

Death of a relationship is a short story on break up, those emotions which run through a girls head the clouded judgement and fear of losing someone, enjoy.
It was another rainy day of monsoon as Anita sits in her car parked outside the coffee shop. Waiting for Karan to arrive, she sat there looking at her watch frantically knowing well enough to expect Karan to be on time, maybe, but it was just wishful thinking. Anita seems detached from the clamorous sounds of cars honking their horns and people trying to get shelter from the pouring rain. She sat there motionlessly as those tiny water droplets trying to grip onto the windshield but eventually rolling down. Her mind was as clouded as the weather outside with anxious thoughts making her mood damper than the roads that lay wet from the showering rains.

Poetry : Endless Love

Endless love is a poem by which emphasis on selfless love, to love through time and beyond

 Someday, I think, I think I may
Call you up, just to hear your voice
I only know, how myheart breaks
With the steps that you had to take
Keeping me out of your life
I just hope now you aren’t alone
When I am out of your life
Out of your mind 
Somehow thesememoriesbecome better with time
To which I hold dearly Which you could now see, but once you were blind,
Whenever I lie that ‘don`t worry I am fine’

Short story : I am never wrong

I am never wrong is a short story to lay emphasis on how people react on being criticised, even though the person may be wrong and he even know it but still he would try to defend his/her pride.
As I pondered on my life to make words out of my experiences, I stumbled upon a time when I unknowingly had an ill habit of criticizing others. With a good eye for observation it wasn't hard for me to target someone’s imperfections and make funny remarks about it. I was highly judgemental and even though I tried to give it a humorous spin, I was still hurting somebody’s pride as no one wants to hear the faults in oneself.

Article : A girl who didn't get a chance

A short story of a girl who was never given a chance

This is a story about a girl Varsha, a name chosen by her mother before her birth. Varsha had opened her eyes for the first time in a government hospital, in a small village. Echoes of her cries filled the hospital halls. Her father stood gazing at her, disappointed as he wanted a boy. 
A girl child is considered to be a burden, another mouth to feed, he thinks to himself. He wants to dispose of the newborn, the solution to his problem.

Varsha’s mother cradles the infant into her chest. She tries to convince him as the baby starts wailing. Seeing, no other options left, she threatens to end her life too if any harm comes upon her newborn child. Seeing his wife's stubbornness, Varsha's father finally accepts her as his daughter.

Varsha was a healthy child and never gave her mother any trouble. Though from a poor background, her mother did multiple jobs to give her the best food and clothing that she could afford.

At a tender age o…