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Poetry : Confession Of love

You look tired, yet your smile is bright Finally I have you alone as we drive in the night
Roads are dark and empty, my mind clustered with one thought I start with how beautiful you look to me; words are all I have got
I know how you feel about me, and I hate this time to be right I want to be with you for eternity, and I won’t give up without a fight

Short Story : One Sided Love

This Story is dedicated to one of my readers who wanted me to write on this topic, I actually don't know the name of that person so hope that person enjoys it.

With curtains raised, the sun beamed its warm light into the room, making it illuminated. A voice heard from the kitchen, “get up, you are getting late for college”. Stuff toys on one side and on the other side lay Swati; she tried slowly getting up, yawning and stretching, then falling back again with eyes closed and one hand wandering on the bed to find her mobile phone, opening an eye to see the many notifications and messages. Voice from afar again enquires, “Want some tea?” to which Swati replied with “yes”.