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The best is yet to come

Things Happen For A Reason

FUTURE Another phone call, another wish. It became a routine for Priyam. Her phone rang incessantly, not allowing her to concentrate on the project she needed to finish. Smiling and saying thank you to everyone, she sighed after each call, I am sure he forgot, she thought.
Then her phone fell silent for few moments. “Thank God,”she said out loud as she wore her stylish black rimmed glasses and started typing on her laptop. Only few minutes had passed as her phone rang again. She looked at the screen, and a sweet smile came over her face.

Making our own Reality

I don’t know if I have any kind of talent. Half the time, I can’t even tell the difference in what I have written. Maybe it is sublime or maybe it is a cat turd. Whichever may be the case I just enjoy the space I have been give where I share my stories I might as well be the one of those millions of mediocre guys who had a dream. Then I met her.