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Whatever Happened to Love at First Sight?

We must all have experienced or thought about love at first sight. There is an allure to this thought where one romanticizes of exchanging gazes with a beautiful looking girl, just like in Bollywood movies. The directors of those movies know quite well, what the audience wants, and preys on the emotion.  We are not that lucky as the protagonists of those movies. We do not eventually get the girl we fell in love with.  The first time we laid our awkward little moronic gaze. Sad but true, and thus we carry on with our gaze to find another beautiful looking figure who would be courteous enough, or hasn’t become so cynical as too not believe in love at first sight.

I Don't Want to Write

I don't want to write, but I have pen in my hand... I don't want to tell the world what I had planned.. I don't want reveal about our life mysteries...
I don't intend to hang on to talks of past or histories...