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Short story : Love just happens

IfI truly loved someone it was Samay.  The only person who could get me to smile even when I was angry with him. We had been together for almost 4 years now and through thick and thin and together we were thinking of starting our whole new world. ‘Nina weds Samay’ was the only thing on my mind these days, we already had talked to our parents about us and he had no objections. Little did I know God had something else planned for us. We were not even finished imagining this new world of our and it got snatched away from us in an accident.

Samay’s death left a huge void in my life which was slowly taking me towards a dark and depression filled road with endless night of feeling loneliness and despair. I would cry myself to sleep every night and I was slowly losing the beauty which Samay us to talk about.

Poetry : Story of a housewife

A interesting poem showing a disillusioned life of a house wife
Woke up this morning trying to open my eyes A little light shined from the cracks in the sky You lay there peacefully on the other side Few moments of silence are bliss Before we criticize and fight And I wonder How many more miles to go in this thing called life?

Article : Blessed with her love

She is not a machine but works like one, she is not a teddy bear but when you hug her she feels like one, She is the nurse when you are sick, your therapist when you are dealing with some emotions and since childhood she is the one you go to with most of your problems and for all this all she ask for nothing in return but for her children to have a healthy and a prosperous life.

Short story : The few words of appreciation

Words have great power and I for one have always believed that words are mightier than a sword, among in those words there is a word called appreciation which can bring a smile on anyone’s face. In this cruel world, I often see people bitter and unhappy with their lives and I often wondered why it is so. There are few people I know who hate their jobs, are unhappy with their relationships, or just plain unhappy with the current circumstances. I don’t claim to have answers to all the problems but I do have this magic word appreciation which may help you in many of your endeavours.

Poetry : I miss you soo much

I sit here revive memory of past life The days we spent together When we had nothing but one other And you were all that I could call mine
Now few things comes back Like waves to the shore They ways that I neglect The ways I took you for granted The assumptions of you always be there And then I fell from your grace which I didn’t wanted

Poetry : God I needed you, Where are you?

A conversation between Man and God. 
MAN: What do you think God; still have a place for me? I am worried I have lost my soul But wasn’t success my eternal goal If money gets me closer to you, money I shall make I haven’t seen my soul yet, which is on stake Fake through the life another lies I make You can call me anytime but still you wait Another obstacle I cry your name in vain

Immortalize your Memories

Love is not something which so easily erodes it leaves a huge amount of residue which are called memories

You are gone now and I haven't seen you since
But I would see you again, I was convinced

I keep heading to that route where we usually met
I have to return few memories, those which I have kept

When I saw you
You were happy and I was still sad
I put a brave face but you were still mad

Truth Or Lies

 Truth                        VS                          Lies

There is a cute little attraction to "Truth', I tend to prefer her over her stepsister "Lies". The thing is truth although may not have the best looking figure or the face that will charm you straight away but it will stay by your side till the end. To be frank even though I was always inspired by her amazing simpleness but I have to admit there is a uncontrollable urge to be with her sister, that special feeling which she gives you that truth cannot.