Was it a date or not?

Outside the car, I wait
Are we meeting as friends or is this our very first date
I was puzzled what to wear
I decided my trusty black shirt and messy hair
Winter blossoms and winds get cold
Uncertain as to what this evening might hold

Then she appears, radiating as she walks
Her voice so child-like when she talks
I open the door and she smiles again
From there on our special night begins

Little anxious, I understood she was nervous
Hair in a knot, legs crossed looking serene on the surface
I believe my words were flattering as I described her what I thought
I couldn't lie she looked gorgeous in the moonlit dark
Then her pink lips turned to a familiar smile
On that face, my eyes kept fixated for a while

The knot opens, she lets down her hair
Forgive my manners, I can’t help but stare
It must have been rude, so I started stealing glances
Who knew we would connect so easily, what were the chances
I notice the little glint in her eyes
The more we converse, the further we're surprised
Numerous calls, ea…

Choose your friends wisely

Just off the phone, Sanjay couldn't be happier as a little bird from the top management told him that he would be the head supervisor of the company’s new project in Dubai. He stared blankly out his cabin's glass window, not sure how to react to the news. He gazed upon the staff when his eyes caught Ranvijay talking to his beautiful new secretary. Although Ranvijay was an old friend from college and Sanjay himself who brought him to his team, however looking at him effortlessly making Nikita laugh started to get him a bit jealous. He instantly picked up his intercom and asked Nikita to send Ranvijay inside his office.
Ranvijay walked inside the office without knocking. There was an air of invincibility about him which he always found intimidating. "Sir, have you lost weight?" Ranvijay asked as he collapsed on the chair. "I have, and you know you don't have to call me Sir," Sanjay lied. He loved having authority over his old friend. A chiselled angelic f…

In pursuit of Identity

'I am sick of this!' she grunted loudly. Sitting on the bank of River Godavari in the city of Paithan, Ilaa felt strangled by her father as he pressured her into getting married. She threw a small rock in the flow of the river and watched the ripple. This was her escape from reality. Watching the river glisten and flow like a free spirit, overcoming all obstacles. However, not even the pleasant breeze or submerging her feet in the water could keep her mind off her father’s words. 
That morning, while cooking chapatisIlaa overheard her father Vaivasvata Manu, talking to her elder brother Govind. “After this harvest, it would be the best time to get Ilaa married.” Her brother agreed and said, “Merchants are always looking for good brides for their sons.” 
Those words filled her heart with outrage. Last year, she sacrificed her education and started working on the fields so that she could avoid marriage. However, Ilaa knew she was bound for wedlock in the coming months, during th…

Feminism & Masculism, stole Mojo Jojo's food

You may find it strange but I am a dog writing this article. Yes, a full grown pug. My name is Mojo Jojo, and bitches love my name, I mean the other female dogs. Usually I would write interesting things like how I stared at the wall all day and I almost caught my tail today, but I wanted to talk about my owners. Rana and Sheetal. I am talking about them because they forgot to feed me yesterday. 

It began last night when they were watching television and this old wrinkled lady came on the screen and talked about women rights and feminism. I didn't understood much but, I could see that Sheetal was not happy. Rana made a joke about how all feminist are also unattractive lesbians. I barked and laughed, but I didn't get the joke. This led to an argument between these them, and Rana slept with me in the other room.

Why do Women love Shoes?

When I asked few of my female friends, why girls buy so many shoes? The answers I received left me scratching my temple.
Few of the replies that I got were:

Everyone has different reasons.”“The dress should match the shoes, and the other way around.”“Because we loooooooovvvvvve Shooooooeeeesssssss.”“Accessories can make a colored top look amazing, and gives variation to eyesight.”“I buy them when I feel sad.”
And the best answer that I got was:

“I am shifting to my new place, and two cartons are full of shoes.” When I asked again about my question, I got pictures of those cartons. 

So the conclusion I came upon was that it makes them happy. But, I was still left with the question as to how those things that we wear on our feet can make a human being happy?

The best is yet to come

Things Happen For A Reason

FUTURE Another phone call, another wish. It became a routine for Priyam. Her phone rang incessantly, not allowing her to concentrate on the project she needed to finish. Smiling and saying thank you to everyone, she sighed after each call, I am sure he forgot, she thought.
Then her phone fell silent for few moments. “Thank God,”she said out loud as she wore her stylish black rimmed glasses and started typing on her laptop. Only few minutes had passed as her phone rang again. She looked at the screen, and a sweet smile came over her face.

Making our own Reality

I don’t know if I have any kind of talent. Half the time, I can’t even tell the difference in what I have written. Maybe it is sublime or maybe it is a cat turd. Whichever may be the case I just enjoy the space I have been give where I share my stories I might as well be the one of those millions of mediocre guys who had a dream. Then I met her.