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Poetry : Now I must go

As I walk forward leaving a part of me back here Pacing my every step as I go, You couldn't comprehend that I left Or what would life be now that I gone, I want to turn back take one last look But there isn't any light left that use to glow, So I leave you now, breaking your heart But it is not up to me to stay or go.

Short Story : Live in the moment

Live in the moment is a short story when a young man name Abhimanyu meets and old lady and its about their conversation, they are on a flight to Bhopal and they have been allotted adjacent seats.
Abhimanyu preferred to travel through trains more than flights, as he sits in the flight waiting for pilot to pull the throttle and take the flight of the tar runway tearing through the clouds into the clean and clear blue sky. Abhimanyu was never comfortable with flying as he gripped his seat almost leaving his mark on the arm rest during the take off. He looked at his side and there was sitting a calm old woman, her face was wrinkled and had a full set of grey hair. She looked back at him with a smile as though she found Abhimanyu’s frightened face amusing. The old lady asked Abhimanyu, “is this your first time?”