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(Series) Chapter 8: Darling. don't lie to me (Part 2)

‘Hey baby, I was missing you so much, I was just about to message you,’ I said after picking up her call. ‘Why was your phone busy?’ she probed. ‘I was talking to Karan,’ I replied, my words didn’t sound too convincing. ‘No, YOU WERE NOT, it’s his birthday and you still haven’t wished him, I just wished him.’
I’m fucked, I don’t know whether I was right or wrong in lying, but I am totally fucked. Well I have understood one thing, Pooja has an inbuilt 6th sense and her antenna only catches my thoughts which don’t include her. That’s why she keeps such long luscious hair, so to keep those antennas hidden under them. Why I had to lie, I cursed myself. Though my brain had shut down, I tried hard to come up with some excuses.

(Series) Chapter 7: Darling. don't lie to me (Part 1)

Well it was a night before Christmas, and not a creature was awake, except me! I had my reasons for being awake, I had to meet Santa and ask him to bring back my sanity. I met with Sagar this evening and he gave me news which was quite disturbing. A feeling I would best describe as getting suckered punched. You don’t know where that punch came from, but it knocks you out. Well, the news was; my ex is getting married in January. I was with Pooja, so this shouldn’t bother me, I tried to convince myself. However, my mind or should I say my heart was having different opinion. My feelings of suffering were getting convoluted, as I was still not able to decide what was really troubling me.

Poetry: Emotions

Though they say, one express best, on going through some harsh times. The polychromatic life puts you through test, You are left with no situation that rhymes!
Those harsh moment, when one loses credence. They don't see fear, but call the act as craven! expecting love, but are left with grievance, And you get atrocities, as they flock around like raven.

Poetry: The real beauty of women

I wanted to write a poem some words that rhyme Though I wanted to be simple, but something sublime
My hearts you swindle and my words now intertwined I Compliment each girl’s beauty within these lines
You’re an angel from above, perfection close enough Powerless to resist, you have become my drug
You cry on goodbyes, those tears never too shy When you wipe your woes away, my world beautifies

(Series) Chapter 6: Why all girls have Boyfriends

Why every girl I like has a boyfriend? I hate shopping! Pooja knows it quite well, yet we were in a mall on Saturday. I did not want to suffer alone, so I called up Sagar, my best friend. Sagar was with me in college, and we instantly became friends, as he was a lot like me, ugly and funny. We use to hang around all the time, never attending any classes, even if we did; we got thrown out for disturbing the class. There were not many beautiful girls left in our college with whom we haven’t flirted with. We were perfect wingmen to each other. During the last year of college, he said to me that we won’t be friends after college. However five years on, we were still thick as thieves.

(Series) Chapter 5: Love Jealousy and everything in between

I feel, women in India are the most beautiful and attractive women in the world, which explains why men spend most of their time looking at them. I an Indian male was happy to date a girl who was one of the most beautiful girls I have seen. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop my wandering eyes to look at other beauties. I can’t help it. A woman does so much work like exercising, dieting, makeup just to look good, isn’t it my duty to appreciate by giving my little attention to them.

(Series) Chapter 4: I think I am in love, I just think too much!

I watched her walk away, and my mouth was left wide open. It’s great that she wasn’t looking or she could see a helpless puppy standing there with his wiggling tail wanting some affection. I wanted to say a thousand words but my mouth was on strike. If she turns around once, she loves me, but she didn’t. Cause things like these only happen in movies, damn the movies filling my head with stupid notions of love. It was getting a bit chilly, so I got back in my car and watched till the lights of her flat turned on. I guess, I was waiting for her to look out the window, see me sitting there waiting for her. Then suddenly realise how much she loves me and shouts I love you. Nevertheless, that didn’t happen either. In the end I was left confused, sad and little turned on after the events that unfolded.

(Series) Chapter 3: Marriage, soul mate, I think am in love again!

When I came back from work, I was surprised to see a mail in my mailbox, it came as a surprise, as I never get any mail, I get bills and lots of it. It was a wedding invitation, ‘Sameer weds Parul’. I quickly called Pooja and enquired whether she got the card or not, apparently she didn’t. Sameer was a college friend, I didn’t particularly hang out with him, but he was more of a friend of Pooja’s. He would talk to me just because I was always with Pooja.

(Series) Chapter 2: Can We Be Friends With Our Ex

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I was being summoned by Pooja, to be her slave for the afternoon as she would search each and every shop at the mall till she finds the best stilettos for her beautiful feet. I was just the muck who would carry her bags and give my expert opinion, on being asked, as to which style looks better, ‘I would rather enjoy watching her try on some new lingerie than stupid sandals, but oh well’. Pooja was a dear friend, but frankly I was a little terrified of her. She was beautiful, smart and knew Taekwondo and could easily kick my ass even though we had a height difference of one foot. After college she went to U. K. for her master’s degree and had picked up an accent, I loved listening to her talk, ‘British Accent is the best, she would say fuck you and it would sound like, I like you’.

(Series) Chapter 1: Meeting my Ex. . . When I was on a date

‘So, I will pick you up at 8?’ ‘Okay, I will be waiting’
And I clicked to disconnect the call, her voice was pleasant, something I could get used to. I was a little nervous, this was the first date after my breakup, and not just any break up; this breakup was with the girl who I thought was my soul-mate, my dream girl, with whom I had spent countless days just loving her and making plans for my future, our future.

Poetry : Confession Of love

You look tired, yet your smile is bright Finally I have you alone as we drive in the night
Roads are dark and empty, my mind clustered with one thought I start with how beautiful you look to me; words are all I have got
I know how you feel about me, and I hate this time to be right I want to be with you for eternity, and I won’t give up without a fight

Short Story : One Sided Love

This Story is dedicated to one of my readers who wanted me to write on this topic, I actually don't know the name of that person so hope that person enjoys it.

With curtains raised, the sun beamed its warm light into the room, making it illuminated. A voice heard from the kitchen, “get up, you are getting late for college”. Stuff toys on one side and on the other side lay Swati; she tried slowly getting up, yawning and stretching, then falling back again with eyes closed and one hand wandering on the bed to find her mobile phone, opening an eye to see the many notifications and messages. Voice from afar again enquires, “Want some tea?” to which Swati replied with “yes”.

Poetry : Now I must go

As I walk forward leaving a part of me back here Pacing my every step as I go, You couldn't comprehend that I left Or what would life be now that I gone, I want to turn back take one last look But there isn't any light left that use to glow, So I leave you now, breaking your heart But it is not up to me to stay or go.

Short Story : Live in the moment

Live in the moment is a short story when a young man name Abhimanyu meets and old lady and its about their conversation, they are on a flight to Bhopal and they have been allotted adjacent seats.
Abhimanyu preferred to travel through trains more than flights, as he sits in the flight waiting for pilot to pull the throttle and take the flight of the tar runway tearing through the clouds into the clean and clear blue sky. Abhimanyu was never comfortable with flying as he gripped his seat almost leaving his mark on the arm rest during the take off. He looked at his side and there was sitting a calm old woman, her face was wrinkled and had a full set of grey hair. She looked back at him with a smile as though she found Abhimanyu’s frightened face amusing. The old lady asked Abhimanyu, “is this your first time?”

Short story : The passionate first kiss

Throughout the drive back home, vivid memories of her glowing face kept rolling in my head. All the time we spent alone with each other, and yet I was never bothered to look past my friend, to see how beautiful she has become. Upon reaching home, my brain flustered with so many thoughts of her, I decided to call her up and ask her to meet me. She being her usual self asked me to come to her place. I told my mom I was going out, as I raced my way to her place which wasn’t that far. Reaching there, I rang the doorbell. My eyes caught a slight glance at her garage. Fortunately, there were no cars parked, which was a great relief. It would be already difficult to get my thoughts together with the new found interest in her, let alone to talk to her when her with her mom snooping around.

Short story : Death of a relationship

Death of a relationship is a short story on break up, those emotions which run through a girls head the clouded judgement and fear of losing someone, enjoy.
It was another rainy day of monsoon as Anita sits in her car parked outside the coffee shop. Waiting for Karan to arrive, she sat there looking at her watch frantically knowing well enough to expect Karan to be on time, maybe, but it was just wishful thinking. Anita seems detached from the clamorous sounds of cars honking their horns and people trying to get shelter from the pouring rain. She sat there motionlessly as those tiny water droplets trying to grip onto the windshield but eventually rolling down. Her mind was as clouded as the weather outside with anxious thoughts making her mood damper than the roads that lay wet from the showering rains.

Poetry : Endless Love

Endless love is a poem by which emphasis on selfless love, to love through time and beyond

 Someday, I think, I think I may
Call you up, just to hear your voice
I only know, how myheart breaks
With the steps that you had to take
Keeping me out of your life
I just hope now you aren’t alone
When I am out of your life
Out of your mind 
Somehow thesememoriesbecome better with time
To which I hold dearly Which you could now see, but once you were blind,
Whenever I lie that ‘don`t worry I am fine’

Short story : I am never wrong

I am never wrong is a short story to lay emphasis on how people react on being criticised, even though the person may be wrong and he even know it but still he would try to defend his/her pride.
As I pondered on my life to make words out of my experiences, I stumbled upon a time when I unknowingly had an ill habit of criticizing others. With a good eye for observation it wasn't hard for me to target someone’s imperfections and make funny remarks about it. I was highly judgemental and even though I tried to give it a humorous spin, I was still hurting somebody’s pride as no one wants to hear the faults in oneself.

Article : A girl who didn't get a chance

A short story of a girl who was never given a chance

This is a story about a girl Varsha, a name chosen by her mother before her birth. Varsha had opened her eyes for the first time in a government hospital, in a small village. Echoes of her cries filled the hospital halls. Her father stood gazing at her, disappointed as he wanted a boy. 
A girl child is considered to be a burden, another mouth to feed, he thinks to himself. He wants to dispose of the newborn, the solution to his problem.

Varsha’s mother cradles the infant into her chest. She tries to convince him as the baby starts wailing. Seeing, no other options left, she threatens to end her life too if any harm comes upon her newborn child. Seeing his wife's stubbornness, Varsha's father finally accepts her as his daughter.

Varsha was a healthy child and never gave her mother any trouble. Though from a poor background, her mother did multiple jobs to give her the best food and clothing that she could afford.

At a tender age o…

Short story : Love just happens

IfI truly loved someone it was Samay.  The only person who could get me to smile even when I was angry with him. We had been together for almost 4 years now and through thick and thin and together we were thinking of starting our whole new world. ‘Nina weds Samay’ was the only thing on my mind these days, we already had talked to our parents about us and he had no objections. Little did I know God had something else planned for us. We were not even finished imagining this new world of our and it got snatched away from us in an accident.

Samay’s death left a huge void in my life which was slowly taking me towards a dark and depression filled road with endless night of feeling loneliness and despair. I would cry myself to sleep every night and I was slowly losing the beauty which Samay us to talk about.

Poetry : Story of a housewife

A interesting poem showing a disillusioned life of a house wife
Woke up this morning trying to open my eyes A little light shined from the cracks in the sky You lay there peacefully on the other side Few moments of silence are bliss Before we criticize and fight And I wonder How many more miles to go in this thing called life?

Article : Blessed with her love

She is not a machine but works like one, she is not a teddy bear but when you hug her she feels like one, She is the nurse when you are sick, your therapist when you are dealing with some emotions and since childhood she is the one you go to with most of your problems and for all this all she ask for nothing in return but for her children to have a healthy and a prosperous life.

Short story : The few words of appreciation

Words have great power and I for one have always believed that words are mightier than a sword, among in those words there is a word called appreciation which can bring a smile on anyone’s face. In this cruel world, I often see people bitter and unhappy with their lives and I often wondered why it is so. There are few people I know who hate their jobs, are unhappy with their relationships, or just plain unhappy with the current circumstances. I don’t claim to have answers to all the problems but I do have this magic word appreciation which may help you in many of your endeavours.

Poetry : I miss you soo much

I sit here revive memory of past life The days we spent together When we had nothing but one other And you were all that I could call mine
Now few things comes back Like waves to the shore They ways that I neglect The ways I took you for granted The assumptions of you always be there And then I fell from your grace which I didn’t wanted

Poetry : God I needed you, Where are you?

A conversation between Man and God. 
MAN: What do you think God; still have a place for me? I am worried I have lost my soul But wasn’t success my eternal goal If money gets me closer to you, money I shall make I haven’t seen my soul yet, which is on stake Fake through the life another lies I make You can call me anytime but still you wait Another obstacle I cry your name in vain

Immortalize your Memories

Love is not something which so easily erodes it leaves a huge amount of residue which are called memories

You are gone now and I haven't seen you since
But I would see you again, I was convinced

I keep heading to that route where we usually met
I have to return few memories, those which I have kept

When I saw you
You were happy and I was still sad
I put a brave face but you were still mad

Truth Or Lies

 Truth                        VS                          Lies

There is a cute little attraction to "Truth', I tend to prefer her over her stepsister "Lies". The thing is truth although may not have the best looking figure or the face that will charm you straight away but it will stay by your side till the end. To be frank even though I was always inspired by her amazing simpleness but I have to admit there is a uncontrollable urge to be with her sister, that special feeling which she gives you that truth cannot.

Poem : Mom Told Me Never Talk to Strangers

Poetry is an art form of storytelling, and I for one enjoy a good verse with few funny lines. Read and enjoy
my mishaps in a cafe.

Don't talk to strangers

I sit in the ccd I look around I saw this old man stare
He pulled up a chair
Had grey hair with a condescending stare
From which he looked at me intensely
I tried to remember if I knew him from somewhere

Poem : A Sad Little Thing Called Love

Misery and hurt, those feelings that you feel when the person you love is no longer with you.
Thinking about the finish line Alone I sit here now
And my heart breaks with the road that I take And I am hoping I am awake When you tell me that you are mine