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(Series) Chapter 8: Darling. don't lie to me (Part 2)

‘Hey baby, I was missing you so much, I was just about to message you,’ I said after picking up her call. ‘Why was your phone busy?’ she probed. ‘I was talking to Karan,’ I replied, my words didn’t sound too convincing. ‘No, YOU WERE NOT, it’s his birthday and you still haven’t wished him, I just wished him.’
I’m fucked, I don’t know whether I was right or wrong in lying, but I am totally fucked. Well I have understood one thing, Pooja has an inbuilt 6th sense and her antenna only catches my thoughts which don’t include her. That’s why she keeps such long luscious hair, so to keep those antennas hidden under them. Why I had to lie, I cursed myself. Though my brain had shut down, I tried hard to come up with some excuses.

(Series) Chapter 7: Darling. don't lie to me (Part 1)

Well it was a night before Christmas, and not a creature was awake, except me! I had my reasons for being awake, I had to meet Santa and ask him to bring back my sanity. I met with Sagar this evening and he gave me news which was quite disturbing. A feeling I would best describe as getting suckered punched. You don’t know where that punch came from, but it knocks you out. Well, the news was; my ex is getting married in January. I was with Pooja, so this shouldn’t bother me, I tried to convince myself. However, my mind or should I say my heart was having different opinion. My feelings of suffering were getting convoluted, as I was still not able to decide what was really troubling me.

Poetry: Emotions

Though they say, one express best, on going through some harsh times. The polychromatic life puts you through test, You are left with no situation that rhymes!
Those harsh moment, when one loses credence. They don't see fear, but call the act as craven! expecting love, but are left with grievance, And you get atrocities, as they flock around like raven.

Poetry: The real beauty of women

I wanted to write a poem some words that rhyme Though I wanted to be simple, but something sublime
My hearts you swindle and my words now intertwined I Compliment each girl’s beauty within these lines
You’re an angel from above, perfection close enough Powerless to resist, you have become my drug
You cry on goodbyes, those tears never too shy When you wipe your woes away, my world beautifies

(Series) Chapter 6: Why all girls have Boyfriends

Why every girl I like has a boyfriend? I hate shopping! Pooja knows it quite well, yet we were in a mall on Saturday. I did not want to suffer alone, so I called up Sagar, my best friend. Sagar was with me in college, and we instantly became friends, as he was a lot like me, ugly and funny. We use to hang around all the time, never attending any classes, even if we did; we got thrown out for disturbing the class. There were not many beautiful girls left in our college with whom we haven’t flirted with. We were perfect wingmen to each other. During the last year of college, he said to me that we won’t be friends after college. However five years on, we were still thick as thieves.