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Happiness is in me!

What do I really want in life?
This was a question that I was asked few years back, and at that time I did not have an answer.
If not all, most of us go through life without a clue of what we want. We follow the routine: School-College-Job-Marriage-Kids-Retirement. We don’t even question this routine, just like millions others, we follow this system moving thorough life aimlessly.
I am not going to tell you a chestnut like you should live your life to the fullest, or seize every moment. However, if one does not have a path, he may find himself alone when he is surrounded by billions. 

Is it time to break up?

Is it time to break up?

We get into relationships for many reasons. Some reasons might be as casual as convenience. However, identifying that you are in a bad relationship is not easy, and as time progresses it becomes harder for one to break those bonds. So what are the silent signs that one should watch out for?

What to expect after a Breakup

Stages of Break-Up
I saw it coming. I warned him again and again, yet he made those same mistakes And now she is gone. The door closed, and she walked away. He is still standing on the other side of the door, wondering, if she will return. But I know she won’t. Come on Arjuun keep it together. You could do this, stay with me, Arjuun . . .
He falls to the floor. He curls up his knees and gets into a fetal position. I know he wants to cry. The pain is too much. He just closes his eyes, and thinks about her.
Wake up Arjuun. Are you ready? Arjuun: For?