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Love: Sweet in the beginning, bitter in the end.

Part 1 click here: (Monotony was killing me), but ego and pride killed me, I am Mallika, and this is the continuation to my story from where I left off. Life takes a huge turn when you break up with someone, especially when you are 18 years old and this is the only momentous thing which has happened in your life. I did not care about Job crisis/ inflation/ rising rates of crime, only ‘why did he broke up with me’ & ‘will I ever find love again’ had taken occupancy in my brain. However, college was now bearable, thanks to Aayan, an overconfident/ good looking/ popular/ senior who had become a good friend of mine, and I think he likes me too. But I am quite sure there were many other girls, who thought the same thing, yet I was the only one who was blamed for him breaking up with his girlfriend. I felt guilty about the whole affair, and I even told him that I would not talk to him, but he just charmed his way back. For instance, during Dussehra holidays, being at home all day I felt…

Forget my husband, SAVE MY LEHENGA!

It was the month of February, and I had been attending numerous marriages. Moreover, after enjoying the laughs, the pictures, and some delicious and some diarrhoea causing food, I realised something: When a girl is getting married, or going to her best friend's marriage, she does not care about anything other than her dresses and jewellery. And I have two stories to prove my point.