Whatever Happened to Love at First Sight?

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Whatever happened to Love at First Sight?
We must all have experienced or thought about love at first sight. There is an allure to this thought where one romanticizes of exchanging gazes with a beautiful looking girl, just like in Bollywood movies. The directors of those movies know quite well, what the audience wants, and preys on the emotion.  We are not that lucky as the protagonists of those movies. We do not eventually get the girl we fell in love with.  The first time we laid our awkward little moronic gaze. Sad but true, and thus we carry on with our gaze to find another beautiful looking figure who would be courteous enough, or hasn’t become so cynical as too not believe in love at first sight.
I too have been captivated with the beauty of a maiden. I must say, I haven’t met a girl, that I didn’t love, whether be it for ten minutes or for ten years. That’s my purgatory, and I try my best to get out of this habit. However, try if I may, I end up telling, how infatuated I had become to her beauty and grace. I express my desire in what young people call ‘EPIC’ to be with her. Here is where my blood returns to my brain, and in a deep and heavy voice question my feelings. Is this another infatuation? 

Sure, it is romantic, that you loved a person just by that first look, but you don’t even know that particular person. She might as well be a serial killer, who gives flirting smiles to blokes like you or maybe she loves to talk about her manicure and pedicure. I would prefer the serial killer, but that’s just I and my damaged taste. 

Let me tell you a short story for this.

College time, those wonderful years of your life where falling in love, and meeting your gang of friends was where your major chunk of brain cell was spent. For me, and as I fondly remember, it was a peaceful time where I was in constant pursuit of love. My reasons were not so noble, and at the age of sixteen, I had a maturity level of a ten-year-old. I wanted a shiny new toy to play with, and give it the name of a relationship like all the other adults were doing. My friends were huge assholes as they each had a vixen around their shoulder, and spent most of their time with their partners. Everyone around me was in, or gradually in the line of sight of the cupid arrows, and I felt the only person not invited to the party. 

It must be around 7 or 8'o clocks on a summer evening. The sun had taken its bow from giving us skin cancer, and moved on to show is bald head to other parts of the world. Walking, an activity, my friend, and I were enjoying around my house. Stories of potential conquest were exchanged. In my case stories of failed conquest were exaggerated to show my coolness. It was between a right turn and group of girl laughing that I lost my heart to a tall long haired girl -again.

With only the light of the moon to help my eyes uncover her beauty, what I saw had memorized my vision. Long legs of her started where her vibrant, shiny long hair ended. Sadly, she had them in a knot or I would have been blessed to witness their true beauty in free form. As soon I had my fix of her smile like a drunkard done with his bottle, I fell into the valley of those small sparkling eyes. 

As I passed by her, staring her along the way. She ignored my pathetic presence like the air around her. Resolute was my belief to let her know of my existence, my feet to the same route but to no avail. Her friends had stolen the chance for her to know there was a human being appreciating her for afar.  Relentless that I am, I took a long round around the road so as to cross paths again, but to my dismay, her long legs had traveled her somewhere else. 

I had two options: To forget that night as a beautiful memory -the one that got away, put a romantic spin to it, like, may be she was the one, my soul mate, but it wasn’t meant to be. Or, what I actually did. I would use that same route for every time I need to go somewhere, hoping for a chance to finally see her once again. However, life is not a big romantic novel, where your wishes are granted in chapter 10, or chapter 20 if you are a really pretentious writer.  
After few months, the road which was unfamiliar to me like a person I met once in a party, now had become a good friend. But, lady luck was not so kind to me in finding the tall beautiful gratification I so desperately desired. Eventually, the lady was forgotten, and someone else took her mantel. However, even today, when I pass by that road, there is a little hope inside my rusty little heart, that maybe today will be the day, I would finally tell her that she was once the object of my dreams. How many nights, I had planned, the many lines that I had composed, for my words to penetrate her heart.

To fall in love with one fleeting look is poetic in my book. One of the best compliment, that I might give to a woman. All you have is a face, and no information. Where in today, one might go onto the hideous thing called Facebook, and know everything about that person. Where is the intrigue I ask? Where goes all the fun and the time spent exploring the person and falling in love with each new detail? Maybe I am just old school where love and romance was still a thing people searched for. 

As my thought fade into the night, I still search to get infatuated with a pretty face, who might as well be the love of my life, or not, I am easy. 

I hope that love at first sight gets a better reputation than what it is given to it these days. Lust might be one of the ugly faces masquerading as love at first sight. However, it is the other side of the coin, like the night after a sunny day, or the morning of awkwardness after a beautiful night. Love, in whichever form, is beautiful, one just need those eyes to appreciate that. 


  1. Eu gostei muito Arjunn
    Eu me diverti com essa história
    Muito bom saber que você prefere um Serial Killer ahahahahaha

    1. Thanks Cristina. This is my way of adding humor to a simple thing as love at first sight.


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