The best is yet to come

Things Happen For A Reason

Another phone call, another wish. It became a routine for Priyam. Her phone rang incessantly, not allowing her to concentrate on the project she needed to finish. Smiling and saying thank you to everyone, she sighed after each call, I am sure he forgot, she thought.

Then her phone fell silent for few moments. “Thank God,” she said out loud as she wore her stylish black rimmed glasses and started typing on her laptop. Only few minutes had passed as her phone rang again. She looked at the screen, and a sweet smile came over her face.

“Happy Birthday geek,” Aryan said.
“I’m not a geek.”
“Do you have your glasses on?”
“Your hair tied in a bun?”
“Working on your laptop?”
“Happy Birthday GEEK!”
“Argh. You know I have been waiting for your call for an hour. Everyone had already called.”
“What so,” she said trying to show that she is angry, but smiling at the same time.
“Come to your balcony,” he said softly.

Priyam drowned herself in work. That was the only thing that made sense to her. However, something or the other kept reminding her how much she missed him. Today was one of those days where her mind was all over the place. Sitting in her seat, she wondered if Dishin still missed her. It had been more than three weeks since they last spoke. Cursing herself for thinking about him again, her eyes began to swell up. She wanted to dig a hole and hide inside it.  As a reputation of a strong independent woman, she could not allow anyone to see her watery eyes.

She made her way to the loo, hiding her eyes from the glances of other employees. As soon as the door locked, her emotions began to flow.
With the phone in her hand, she considered messaging him. “I miss you,” she typed on her phone.

She stopped her finger from pressing send. Even though he cheated on her, it was hard for her to stop missing him.

Priyam could never understand the cause of Nikhil’s jealousy. For him, she had consciously alienated herself from her male friends and also college group. However, he found reasons to be jealous that were not in her hands.

“Why is he messaging you? I am sure you must be talking to him behind my back?” Nikhil grabbed her arm tightly. His fingers dug deep in Priyam’s skin. She was hurting but she looked at Nikhil with a dead stare.
“Let go of me,” she thundered back. “I can’t believe you’re this insecure.” She jerked his arm off, and started walking away. He did not follow, and she didn’t look back. When she was at a distance, warm tears began to flow.
No more, she thought to herself. She could no longer handle this abusive relationship.

All that matter was that she stood up to him. Though, she was scared.

“I am in the balcony, where are you,” Priyam said as her eyes searched for Aryan.
Aryan flashed his car’s headlights and said, “So Priyam.”
“Priyam. You never call me by my name. What are you up to?”
“How long have we been together?” Aryan asked.
“Three years.”
“Priyam, will you marry me?” Aryan blurted out.
“What? How drunk are you?
“Considerably, but I know this much, I want this voice to be there for the rest of my life.”
“…” Priyam couldn’t say anything. Her heart was pounding out of her chest. She kept smiling and holding on her phone tightly.
“Common, say yes.”
“Ask me tomorrow when you are sober,” Priyam said smiling.” Love you Aryan”.

As she sat down on her bed. She couldn’t control her happiness. At that moment she realised, this was exactly she was searching for all along. But she never knew it could exist till that moment.

Her phone vibrated, it was a text from Aryan, “I want to hear that I love you from my FiancĂ© tomorrow.”

In one moment, she understood, all those night of loneliness, the misery of heartbreaks were necessary as they all led her to this particular moment. 


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