Why do Women love Shoes?

Most women own a pair of Black High heels

When I asked few of my female friends, why girls buy so many shoes? The answers I received left me scratching my temple.
Few of the replies that I got were:

  • Everyone has different reasons.”
  • “The dress should match the shoes, and the other way around.”
  • “Because we loooooooovvvvvve Shooooooeeeesssssss.”
  • “Accessories can make a colored top look amazing, and gives variation to eyesight.”
  • “I buy them when I feel sad.”

And the best answer that I got was:

  • “I am shifting to my new place, and two cartons are full of shoes.” When I asked again about my question, I got pictures of those cartons. 

So the conclusion I came upon was that it makes them happy. But, I was still left with the question as to how those things that we wear on our feet can make a human being happy?

Still confused, I tried to study the source material, that are the shoes. A mistake that wasted few of my hours as there is array of footwear like, Flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, clogs, platforms, wedges, strappy, buckled, lace-ups, peep-toes to name a few. After looking at them, I couldn’t understand what was so special about any one of them. To tell you the truth, I found few of them torturous, and inhumane. 

Finally the imaginary bulb in my head lit up. I realized that I was going about it all wrong. I tried to understand women and shoes individually. In fact, when I put them together, I saw a clearer picture.

First of all, women don’t wear them to impress men. We are the last thought when they are out buying footwear. We come behind which top will go with these stilettos and which bag looks great with this sandal. For women, footwear is an extension of their mood. It’s their subtle expression. 

To understand this, we need to understand one thing about women. They hate to get fat. If you listen carefully, they will crib all their life about getting fat. But, even though their waist size may increase, making their favorite jeans a challenge, one thing remains constant. Their shoe size remains constant. Another reason is they love to accessories. For their neck they have pendants, for fingers they have rings, even for their navel they have navel rings. So it’s sufficed to say, feet deserve their share of love. 

On further researching about their expression, I found that the particular shoe not only portrays what she wants, but also makes her feel something. And I am not talking about just happiness.
Like, when she puts on high heels, it lengthens her shape, changes the curve of her posture and that particular physical change, evokes an inner feeling of confidence and sexiness.
Shoes provide the foundation for the image that she wants to broadcast to the world. 

A girl cannot change her hair color each day to show her mood, but she can change her shoes. 
So in a way, when a girl wears boots, it is her way of showing she is tough, and also it looks good with jeans. 
And in the same way, A pair or flats shows grounded behavior or she is ready to run around all day. Pumps tell the world she is all business.

Hopefully, next time when someone asks you ladies why you buy so many shoes. Just quote few of the lines from my writing. And for me, when I am out with a girl, my eyes would definitely search her feet first.


  1. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.

    1. Thanks for your flattering comment. Please come back to the website to read more content.

  2. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.


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