Feminism & Masculism, stole Mojo Jojo's food

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My name is Mojo Jojo

You may find it strange but I am a dog writing this article. Yes, a full grown pug. My name is Mojo Jojo, and bitches love my name, I mean the other female dogs. Usually I would write interesting things like how I stared at the wall all day and I almost caught my tail today, but I wanted to talk about my owners. Rana and Sheetal. I am talking about them because they forgot to feed me yesterday. 

It began last night when they were watching television and this old wrinkled lady came on the screen and talked about women rights and feminism. I didn't understood much but, I could see that Sheetal was not happy. Rana made a joke about how all feminist are also unattractive lesbians. I barked and laughed, but I didn't get the joke. This led to an argument between these them, and Rana slept with me in the other room.

Next morning, after I saved them by barking at those pesky squirrels, and the man who throws paper at our house, Sheetal took me to the park. She didn't play with me which was odd. So I checked out some of the other female dogs at the park. I think the Labrador is eyeing me a lot these days. Pretty sure she wants me to her baby daddy. But as I was saying, I did my usual stuff in the park and then when we returned home, Rana was awake. Sheetal started making tea, but she was banging the utensils a lot. Each time the utensils made a bag on the counter, I also barked. It was like she was my drummer and I was the lead singer. However, Rana being Rana spoiled her solo. They were fighting again. Over the issue of the night. 

You know what, at that time, I realized they haven't filled my bowl, and both of them went to work. They don't buy me a phone, or I would have texted that they forgot to feed me. So, with my stomach growling, I put on my glasses, took a selfie and started to search the internet for the meaning of word feminism.
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It meant gender equality. Women get same right as men. Now, I was more confused how did Rana confuse feminist to Lesbian. I made a search for the word lesbian. The videos didn't seem that bad. Sometimes, I also smell my friend fluffy's ass. 

Anyways, when they returned, I was standing on the gate, waiting with my adorable smile. Bitches are crazy over smile of Mojo Jojo. 

They were still fighting. The last time I saw them fighting for so long was when Rana brought me to the house and I ate Sheetal shoes. She got over it the next day. It was the smile which made her smitten over me. However, this was serious than the shoe incident. 

Both were throwing accusations. Rana said men work hard and thus deserve to earn more. Sheetal said, women are equally qualified, and should get equal salary. I know salary is important as it gets my food. 

Soon they brought out the big guns. Sheetal started saying, women are oppressed by men because male gender is afraid of women. Rana replied that Women gender thinks they are more entitled. It reached a point that Sheetal went to her room and slammed the door. Rana also went out. I followed him. I figured there was no food in the house so he was out to get me chicken. Mojo Jojo love chicken.  

We reached to his friends place, and he invited both of us in. His friend offer him beer, and I ate the chips on the floor. Soon, Rana started telling his friend about what happened today. His friend replied that he was right. Women don't have to pay for anything, and all they have to do is maintain their weight and get married to some rich fellow, and their life is set. We men have to slog all through life.

I waited with my eyes fixed on the table with food, but no more chips were coming my way, so I decided to go back home.

When I reached there, Sheetal had a female friend there, and they were drinking red wine. I tried to get on Sheetal's lap and taste some, but her friend shooed me away. Sitting there, I heard them criticizing men. They said men can do whatever they want, go out anytime at night, and no one stops them. They can drink smoke, sleep around and it is okay, but if a girl does it, she is spoiled, and no one will marry her. 

At night, same thing happened again. I barked and barked, but no one gave me any food. I hate these words ending with -IST. They ruined my life. I think I lost two kilos that day. I still didn't understood what they were fighting about. According to both of them, they equally got something, and were devoid of something. Either ways, I don't want to get into this debate, I just want food. That's the most important issue. A cute pug is loosing weight because of this accusations and fighting which can be solved amicably, with love and understanding.   


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