Poetry : Confession Of love

Confession Of Love

You look tired, yet your smile is bright
Finally I have you alone as we drive in the night

Roads are dark and empty, my mind clustered with one thought
I start with how beautiful you look to me; words are all I have got

I know how you feel about me, and I hate this time to be right
I want to be with you for eternity, and I won’t give up without a fight

Your beauty is not my reason, but how you make me feel
You might still not take me seriously, but my love for you is real

The way you laugh and all those silly jokes
We would still be together even when we lose our looks

You always make me smile, and I know I am the one for you
No one else would understand your craziness like I do

My care is not for everybody, I have only reserved that for you
Believe me when I say, the way I feel now, this feeling is true

I know your hopes and dreams and together we’ll make them come true
I don’t have many; one of them is to be with you

You never took me that way, but I always made it quite clear
I will dedicate my whole life, to get you rid of that fear

The fear you won’t feel the same love that I feel
I wish I had the words, for only this heart I wish to steal

To my despair the destinations is near
I slowed the card down to steal few more moments my Dear

These roads are not long enough to fulfil my need to confess

All my words just lead to the love I profess.


  1. With these words, u definitely going to reach the heart of that person. This one is really full of emotions nd very romantic ;)....loved it. :)

  2. Thanks Nidhi, I tried my best in the short span of time.

  3. Heyy arjuun, i just loved it, i lyk simplicity in ur poems....
    For whom u hv wrote dis poem?
    Dnt lie, of course u must b thinking of dat girl while writing dis....
    Lucky girl..... :)
    M jeslous of her now.... :(

  4. Its jealous.... ok

  5. Like all my stories and poetry, these words are figments of my imagination.

  6. And you did all justice to it ...

  7. Now this is what I call a perfect package...
    Truely speaking lovely it is!!
    I wish someday you be dedicating it to the love of your life♥♥♥
    God bless :))

  8. Thanks a lot Divya, amazing comment that was.

  9. As always:)
    I m still looking forward to make it more happening for you :)

  10. Hope someone dedicate a poem like this to you someday.

  11. I know you might surely make it up for me someday ..
    All smiles :))

  12. I won't but I will get someone to dedicate it :P ;)


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