Poetry : Endless Love

Endless love is a poem by which emphasis on selfless love, to love through time and beyond

 Someday, I think, I think I may
Call you up, just to hear your voice
I only know, how my heart breaks
With the steps that you had to take
Keeping me out of your life
I just hope now you aren’t alone
When I am out of your life
Out of your mind 
Somehow these memories become better with time
To which I hold dearly
Which you could now see, but once you were blind,
Whenever I lie that ‘don`t worry I am fine’

For time shall pass
And you may get wrinkly and grey
When none calls you beautiful anymore
You can count on my immense amore
Even If I had left this world
I shall leave my words behind 
To make you remember
Show you what I see, beauty warmth and tender
Make you appreciate the world I see
Enchanted with the vision, I will let you be
And move on
Where I will wait at the heavens door
And plead to God
With all his grace and power,
To grant me few more hour
For that I would wait
Kept open the pearly gates,
For you to follow
I have spent too much time in sorrow
I asked for nothing for which he couldn’t do
Even in this long life
I didn’t ask her from you
So grant me this wish
Make this soul happy 
With blithe and I rejoice,
I have always asked for her happiness all my life
Now it’s my time to feel bliss
In her arms I will lay still
For I capture those moments again
Waiting for a new chapter to begin
Hold her tightly, never letting go
Afraid to lose her once again

Even though I was with her for a little time
She was the one who made this life worthwhile
I still hope, that undying hope of mine
we will be together in afterlife,
And for that moment, I wait
Quietly wondering through the world
Through crazy days and city lights
Wondering if she remembers that one guy
Who loved her till the day he died.


  1. Nice one arjuun....:)

    1. Today m nt feeling wl,so i'l leave cmnt 2morw okay...:)

    2. I am juat glad that you read it. Please take care of your health.

    3. Beautifull lines arjuun...
      Touched heart....:):):)

    4. This poetry was the one which I felt was a little special. And your compliments just confirms it. Thanks

    5. It is special arjuun...
      and ur dp on fb with guitar is SUPERRRB...:)

    6. Hey arjuun, its friday....

    7. I am extremely sorry, I have been hit by a tragedy as my best and dearest friend's mother passed away. Hence I was occupied with that. I will soon be back to my routine and would be posting my work profusely. I really appreciate you as a reader and I would try not to disappoint you.

    8. Ooh am so sorry, take your time......gn tc

  2. Just loved it ......... fabulous.

    1. Thanks Nidhi, and hope I am improving with each article.

    2. U r almost there I believe...

    3. I am still hoping to improve :)

  3. Love your poems


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