Short story : The passionate first kiss

kissing her tightly
Throughout the drive back home, vivid memories of her glowing face kept rolling in my head. All the time we spent alone with each other, and yet I was never bothered to look past my friend, to see how beautiful she has become. Upon reaching home, my brain flustered with so many thoughts of her, I decided to call her up and ask her to meet me. She being her usual self asked me to come to her place. I told my mom I was going out, as I raced my way to her place which wasn’t that far. Reaching there, I rang the doorbell. My eyes caught a slight glance at her garage. Fortunately, there were no cars parked, which was a great relief. It would be already difficult to get my thoughts together with the new found interest in her, let alone to talk to her when her with her mom snooping around.

After few minutes of stating at the door, I called on her phone to open the front door. She rejected my call and yelled from inside. She was like that, always loud and shouting. The house was a duplex with her room on the upper floor. I slowly tiptoed towards her room, and as I entered my eyes had the pleasant experience of watching her bending down. I stood at the door admiring her long curved legs which had a small scar just above her ankles. It was from the time we use to play as kids. As my eyes wandered, I saw, she was wearing light blue shorts and a white tank top. She was busy arranging her clothes and her room looked like a war zone for outfits. She didn’t look at me as she continued doing her work. I somehow managed to find a place to sit next to her wide array of lingerie’s, “get up from here you jerk”, she yelled with her tresses hanging above her shoulders as she wiped those little drops of sweat from her forehead. With a grin on my face I said “as if I have never seen these things before, but you have a very nice collection”. Unmoved by conceited statement, she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me up, I resisted her tug and pulled her towards me, it was just the right amount of force as she landed on top of me and her luscious hair all over my face. She emitted a tempting fragrance, even though she was not wearing any perfume but I could tell that she had just washed her hair as it felt like heaven. 

As she moved away from me I could see that she was really annoyed with my actions as she punched me in the stomach. The pain was not of the punch but the very need to breathe and taste the fine scent again.

In an irritated manner she asked “ why the hell you left me today with you friend, fuck it was so uncomfortable, I don’t even know him...” she kept rambling about how much of a jerk I am, to leave her and not help her. She has always been animated when she talked. However, for the first time, I saw those actions in a different light. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ample breasts and slim waist of hers. I had to keep reminding myself to look into her eyes or think about anything else. But my attempts were failing as I felt I was getting aroused. Trying to distract myself, I searched into deep black eyes, and then again wandered downwards. Her tank-top which caressed her body tightly wasn’t helping at all. I never knew white color could be so attractive. Well, thin white cloth with her curves, and I am sure it was the most attractive colour I had ever seen.

“You look so exquisite today” I said making her halt in mid-sentence, maybe I had caught her of-guard and made her loose her chain of thought.
“What are you talking about?” She looked at me quizzically. Then quickly turned her head to look at a mirror. Her head was turned, but I could see a faint smile from the back. 

“Just that I think you look awfully tempting, it is hard for me to listen. I forgot how beautiful you are.” I said smiling. 
“Don’t try to change the topic, you are not getting off so easily,” She said. This time in a softer tone. I guess it is true, flattery is the way to dodge a woman’s scorn.  

“Be angry all you want, I am just saying what comes to my mind,” I said, as I admired her face. Everything about her was fascinating. Her eye lids which opened a fraction of an inch higher from her big black eyes. With  perfectly applied mascara, those eyes were just hypnotic and radioactive. Her high cheek bones had a tint of pink in them as though she was blushing from my remarks. From her soft pillow type lips, to the dark black hair that cascaded down her curved slim back, I was just left powerless to resist her allure. 

She looked at my face with her high eyebrows and asked, “Why are you staring?”
I didn’t say anything. I think she could see I was uncomfortable, and I was. I had to cover my discomfort by crossing my legs.

Looking into her eyes, I stood up slowly. I moved towards her, tilting my head, wanting her to duplicate my actions. I wanted a signal from her, so I could go forward and taste her pink lips. She didn’t, instead she turned around, and started picking up the clothes from the floor.

I stood at my spot for a moment, uncertain what I should do next. Then it stuck me, I didn’t want to wallow on the possibility what could have happened. So I went forward and stood close to her. She was folding her top when I  touched her bare naked shoulders. It sent electricity down my spine. She quickly turned around. I stared her into her eyes and my hands caressed her cheeks. My right thumb moved around her soft lips as her eyes were glued to mine. 

She didn’t say anything, and for me it was a good sign. So I leaned down forward and paused just before I could touch her lips. I saw, she had closed her eyes and that was all the permission I needed. 

Our lips meet. At first I could feel the tenderness, then she grabbed me by my hair pulling me towards her in a sudden move of passion. She opened her mouth, just enough for our tongues to interlock and do the dance. I grabbed her by her buttocks and picked her up, carried her towards the bed still kissing and breathing heavily.

“Stop” she breath between kisses.
Scared that I am going to be shut down, I began to pull back.
She muttered “Sorry, I can’t keep kissing for long times, I need to breath between kisses” shying her eyes away from me scared of being judged.
I smiled and kissed on her forehead reassuring her inability was no inconvenience. She closed her eyes and I moved my lips towards her, I think she could feel my erection touching her between her thighs but to my surprise she didn’t mind.

I removed her top and also undressed myself. I dived down again as our bare naked bodies touched, she locks her legs around my waist restricting my movement as if she never wanted this moment to go. Her enchanting smell emasculating me to resist her as our bodies bumped and grind against each other. My hard & rough hands touched her tender bosoms. Her hands tried to stop my wandering hands, but I overpowered her and kiss her even more passionately. While our lips were glued to each other, my hands were trying to find the secrets to unlock the hooks of her bra, pulling down her straps as her face turns sideways.

“Close the lights please” she whispered.
I quickly jumped and turn off all the switches I found on the board and returning back to her My lips went for her neck. She pulled her hair on the other side, and mildly my tongue licked on her earlobe. She started breathing more heavily. I didn’t want her to make any more noise so I went back to her lips. This time she bit my lower lip. 

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. As soon the ring reached her ears, her hands pushed me off to reveals to my horror that her mom has returned.
I stood frightened and bewildered with my erection slowly dying down. I looked for my shirt and jeans as she hooks on her bra and puts on her top and tells me to get dressed quickly as she darted out of the room, downstairs.


  1. Nice one arjuun....:)

    1. yarr but i dnt like dat mch....ur other posts r much much better dan this one....

    2. It's okay, it basically to improve my skills as a words Smith and I hote to keep improving, follow on Twitter Facebook or Google plus to get regular updates

  2. uh knw it vry well :))1 October 2013 at 02:40

    And this was something you had got for me...
    I read it :))
    Arjuun sahaaaaaaaay... impressive but never felt such stuff!!
    Hopes alive :)))

  3. I am glad, hopes are still alive, and they shall remain alive as well.

  4. clean romance is looked at as being a little different. regency romance


    1. The door was locked form the inside.


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