Short story : I am never wrong


I am never wrong is a short story to lay emphasis on how people react on being criticised, even though the person may be wrong and he even know it but still he would try to defend his/her pride.

As I pondered on my life to make words out of my experiences, I stumbled upon a time when I unknowingly had an ill habit of criticizing others. With a good eye for observation it wasn't hard for me to target someone’s imperfections and make funny remarks about it. I was highly judgemental and even though I tried to give it a humorous spin, I was still hurting somebody’s pride as no one wants to hear the faults in oneself.
This was often observed by my family, especially my dad who didn’t approve of this habit. He pointed out that when I lay criticism on to a person, I too should be ready to take the criticism of others, I would often get into an argument with him trying to explain my self and how I am right in my behaviour but my acute observation didn’t caught up to the fact while I was trying to prove my point that I don’t criticize, I too wasn’t able to handle criticisms thrown at me. I didn’t accept that my father, who has a vast advantage over me in the field of experience, had showed me the error of my ways.
It is a fact that people don’t criticize themselves for anything no matter how wrong they may be. Criticism is dangerous as it wounds a person precious pride and hurt his own self-importance.
A short story to illustrate my point-

Authors view: This short story I have tried to show the conversations which two friends were having and along this story I would try to lay forward my point that people will never consider themselves wrong.

Showers of rains have recently ceased as Sagar called up his closest friend Arsh to hang out. Arsh too weary from the long day’s work hoped to enjoy a fresh and refreshing time with Sagar and hoped to share a couple of beers. Arsh picked up Sagar from his house as they made their way through the wet roads which shined as the street lamps light bounced of them. They made a stop to buy a packet of cigarettes and few beers as they set for their destination, the lake. There is nothing like the cold breeze coming from the lake which is neither too cold nor too humid but creates a beautiful atmosphere which happens to be a perfect place to spend few hours in the evening.

Arsh and Sagar stood near the lake. Sagar, with beers in his right hands while the other hand placed on the railing utters few words “it always gets pretty when it rains”. Yes he was right, leafs glows with their luminous green and the drops of rain on them just gives a calm and beautiful scene which one may get lost for hours. Arsh noticed Sagar was awfully quite all through the trip and seemed mostly disinterested in the conversations they were having, it seem Sagar had other things in mind when he invited Arsh out. With a lit cigarette in his one hand Sagar says, “Why don’t these girls understand anything?”

Arsh was aware of Sagar’s chaotic relationship with Rena and also how all these constant fights always left Sagar agitated. Yet, Arsh felt today was a little different; Sagar had already smoked a whole pack and the one in his hand was the last one, being a fitness freak he was very strict with his smoking addiction and never allowed himself more than one a day. Arsh had a rule to stay away from the quarrels of his mate but that particular moment he wondered if he could bend the rules for his buddy, who obviously seemed to be in a lot of distress. Arsh enquired about the problem and the issue which has gotten Sagar’s so tensed. His words made Arsh feel it’s a hell of lot better to stay single as Sagar kept ranting about how jealous Rena gets and how she keeps checking his phone and messages and questioning him of his whereabouts. Arsh now relaxed as this was just like one more of their usual fights which would be resolved with Sagar apologizing at night and told him that it just shows that she cares for you even though this care might appear to you as suffocation of your free will. It was not something new as this was their constant problem, she didn’t trust him and he always criticized her on this particular characteristic which just made the matters even worse.

Arsh remembered the time all three of them went for lunch, which produced a smirk on his face as that was the time he made up the rule of not getting involved in their scuffles. Arsh reluctantly went but only after being bribed to be set up with one of Rena’s friends, but unfortunately for Arsh the lunch turned out to be a disaster as the afternoon turned into a -who was right match- where both Sagar and Rena took jabs at each other for the mistakes they made in the past. They kept pointing out faults in each other, neither of them made any sense in what they were arguing about and soon it came to the point where they didn’t even remember why this particular argument was started at the first place. Arsh knew but also wasn’t foolish enough to point out the reason for the assault of words which was started for the simple reason that Sagar eyes kept losing their way and somehow found the girls who were sitting diagonally from their table more intriguing. Then Rena started crying and demanded a break up which was probably when Sagar understood, he had no better arguments as crying was the ultimate weapon of Rena where all of Sagar’s flawless logic failed.

Sagar had finished up with his last cigarette as Arsh tried to comfort him by telling that it will all get better and how only Sagar is the one who knows how to tame the lioness. His back was now slouched putting weight on his hands which were resting on the railing and mumbled something which Arsh wasn’t able to follow correctly. Arsh told to speak up but to no reply. Arsh asked again and waited for him to respond. After taking a long breath with his head still slouching Sagar muttered again but this time Arsh ears were attentive and caught every word. Arsh was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond. There were a few minutes of silence between them and as Arsh open his mouth to start a dialogue as Sagar cut him off and started blaming Rena, “it is all because of her, I never wanted to do it, but she never understands”.

He told Arsh of his indiscretions, he had cheated on Rena with another girl and according to him Rena was to be blame for all this as she had forced him in the hands of another girl. Arsh felt that Sagar was wrong and told him, he was wrong on his part but that just made Sagar even more defensive and even told Arsh that he wouldn’t understand. Sagar pleaded his case profusely and when Arsh didn’t agree with him, Sagar in his enraged voice pointed out that fact that Arsh haven’t been in a serious relationship so who gives him the right to judge his actions. There was silence now and neither of them had words to say anymore.

I know one thing I am not perfect and in fact other that the Almighty himself, I don’t think none of us are, but that what makes me wonder, why is everyone out there so afraid of little criticism. These are just words and if coming from a loved, it should be heard with even more attentiveness as they are the ones who genuine cares and wants the best for you. I know it hurts our pride when someone tells us we are wrong but I have seen, even though we are wrong we will never accept it. Ask any criminal in jail if he was guilty, you may get replies like – I was set up, had a shitty lawyer, the system screwed me. Even the hardest of criminals justify their actions with- They had no other options or they had to feed their families. Our brain tries to protect us from the judgment of others and thus we argue to save the mirage which we have made for our self and if shattered would show our imperfections and thus we always feel we were never wrong.

Try not to criticize and say that you are not wrong, instead try to understand the situation, I hope you enjoyed your read.

So tell me how would you react to when you have been criticized ? comment below let me know.


  1. Arjuun ur writing has a refreshing sense of clarity and style.....
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    1. And I think that the best compliment anyone has given me about my writing, so I am grateful.

    2. Arjuun ur writing skills are outstanding
      Ur choice of words n d flow wer both nicely done... i can picture it in my mind
      In other words i loved it !!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Ooh, i think u shud try modeling too..:) ;)

    4. Hahaha, I think I will stick to being a author/poet, but thanks for the compliment.

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    8. Arjuun write an article,when friendship turns into love...

  2. Was good, i liked it better than the others...


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