Poetry: The real beauty of women

Pic courtesy google images, altered
Women, one of the most beautiful art created

I wanted to write a poem some words that rhyme
Though I wanted to be simple, but something sublime

My hearts you swindle and my words now intertwined
I Compliment each girl’s beauty within these lines

You’re an angel from above, perfection close enough
Powerless to resist, you have become my drug

You cry on goodbyes, those tears never too shy
When you wipe your woes away, my world beautifies

Age concerns, I empathize, an obsession with waist size
I don’t accept you’re vain, for me it’s a lie

For many secrets you behold, as your life unfolds
Many pains you suffered silently, when no one consoled

I listen to you quietly, heed to those hopes and joys
Many days I spent wandering, lost within that voice

Imagine her happiness when she achieves her dreams
Her joy would be something like tasting the finest cuisines

You have a smile so wide, as you flash your white teeth
I often get mesmerised when you dance on those small feet

You walk like a lioness; I watch the sway of your hips
You have the power to possess, with those coquettish lips

I try to capture your beauty in my words and in my eyes
To find your real allure, I got fascinated with your life

There is compassion in your face, the warmth in your embrace
I wish I had more words to carry on forever in your praise.

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