Why did shy lie?

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Why did she lie

I wish you didn’t lie
Or hurt me this bad
But took a lying dagger
And your target was my heart

I tried to block with love
But you had too much strength
Was it your pretty face?
Or the pretty lies you pretend.

Have you heard that saying?
What goes around comes around
I drowned in deception long enough
Maybe it’s your time to drown

I accept I was a fool
But you can’t fool me twice
You can spoil my day with guilt
I won’t let you spoil my life.

I imagine your face
All those days you lied
Didn’t you feel a bit sad?
Or you were so caught up in your pride

Now there is nothing left
There was nothing from the start
I was someone you used
But I am glad you are out of my life

One thing is for sure
You made me a lot stronger now
You lost someone who loved
I only lost someone who lied.


  1. Ahh so amazing arjuun....... loved it

  2. amazing line.. i was just going through a break up nd i can relate to des lines.

    1. Thanks Neha, I know how it feels. Be strong.

  3. Awosome I liked it.where were you I missed your post last Friday.pls keep writing I and my friends wait eagerly for your blog on Friday.

  4. Don't worry, I will keep trying to come up with new material.

  5. Arjuun how do you write so emotionally charged poems.Are you also suffering from a broken heart.

    1. Actually, one of my friend whose name I will not mention, suffered this. And while she was narrating her story, I got inspired to write this.

  6. you are good at writing poems.. liked it..


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