Her Inspirational Words

Troubled thoughts and writes block,
He searched for his mystic muse
Inspiration came as desert rains
No words a poet could use

Now words were his happiness,
And stories were his crown
Depression stole both away
In the darkened night he drowned

Emptiness filled his heart
He dreamt a future filled with fear
On wake of dawn his confidence shattered
Cracks on his armour appeared

And then one night she came to him,
With the promise of better days
Lost in her beauty he found
Solace in her grace

A normal girl, she claimed to be
But was an angel to his eyes
He looked through her beauty and found
His muse, hidden in disguise

Like a bird his words were free
No more chains of restrains on his dreams
Her words were light in the darkest night
She helped him find his sanity.


  1. Nice poem. Every poet needs inspiration to write.

    Inspiration let me tell you, is a tricky thing
    They say it that it’s something comes from within
    Now here I sit, lonely and sad, with a paper and a pen
    Inspiration; Show yourself before the count of ten

    1. Beautiful words with a touch of humor. I would love to read some of your work.

  2. Beautiful lines. How can i writer capable of writing this can get depressed :P
    You can be very much sure about a piece of writing if only you can imagine every single bit of it.

    BTW impressed with the beauty of the lady ;)

    1. The saddest part is when someone who works with creativity, and is devoid of any inspiration.

      Beauty is a symbolism of how it makes one feel. Not the physical beauty.

  3. Exactly. That is the reason m impressed.

    1. And I am happy, I could finally write something credible. Thank for reading.

  4. Its beautiful!! Really beautiful♡♡

  5. a good piece of poetry.. impressive.. n m sure the block will not stop you from putting your thoughts into words and pen them so beautifully.
    Imagination needs a bit of inspiration
    to let it come into existence
    Beauty deep within needs a recognition
    and the world around you becomes heaven..
    its wonderful how wonderland
    looks so beautiful
    it is the result of creativity of the writer
    that makes it look so

    1. Thank you so much. Especially for that line, Beauty deep within needs a recognition
      and the world around you becomes heaven.." thanks again for those great words.

    2. you are welcome...

  6. wow great job!!!


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