Happiness is in me!

What do I really want in life?
This was a question that I was asked few years back, and at that time I did not have an answer.
If not all, most of us go through life without a clue of what we want. We follow the routine: School-College-Job-Marriage-Kids-Retirement. We don’t even question this routine, just like millions others, we follow this system moving thorough life aimlessly.
I am not going to tell you a chestnut like you should live your life to the fullest, or seize every moment. However, if one does not have a path, he may find himself alone when he is surrounded by billions. 

Time to let go of regrets:
IF we look inside our brains, we will see that it’s a time machine. Stored with hundreds of images of the past. We always ponder on, “WHAT IF”. Maybe it is time to let go of those “what if” moments, and concentrate on the present and the future. The past doesn’t define you, it is the action taken in the present that makes the future. 

It is your Life, be Selfish:
The problem with the word selfish is that it is heard with a negative connotation. If you look back at our life, you would find many instances where you sacrificed your time and dreams for your family or loved ones. That might make you feel good about yourself, but it also hampers your happiness.
Just ask yourself, if there were no restrictions, no one had tied you down. What would you have been doing?
Maybe it is time to stop being a martyr and start going for things you want in your life. 

What will make you happy:
Life is not worth living, if it isn’t a happy one. 
Just sit down, and ask yourself, what was the thing in your life that truly made you happy. Was it spending time with your love? Starting your own business? Traveling? Freedom?
Just find your happiness, and after that all you have to do is to put efforts in attaining that bliss.

What is stopping you?
Finally, Once you know what makes you happy. Then all you have to do is to  remove that mental block in your head. Often it is something in your own mind that you have cooked up, that stop you from achieving what we really want. It may be doubt, it may be fear. But whatever the case may be, you have to remember that until unless you tried, you will never know the experience. 

In the end, you are the architect of your own life. Blaming others or excuses that you tell yourself, will not get you any nearar to the life you desire. So start being selfish, start dreaming, and slowly start becoming happy. 


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