Is it time to break up?

Is it time to break up?

We get into relationships for many reasons. Some reasons might be as casual as convenience. However, identifying that you are in a bad relationship is not easy, and as time progresses it becomes harder for one to break those bonds. So what are the silent signs that one should watch out for?

The obvious differences:
In the start of any relationship -for any guy or a girl- the sparks fly, everything is new you feel that everything is perfect. This phase may last for a week, a month, or for some maybe a year. The infatuation blinds us over many negative aspects of our partner, and due to this we only see the bright and sunny and ignore the dark and gloomy qualitites of our new love.

However, the time-this phase evaporates, and it will gradually. The relationship loses it passion, and soon those aspects which were ignored at first stare you right in the face.

The worse thing could be that you realize that you are not happy as you thought you were and now you are too afraid to walking out.

You have put to much effort:
Some of us want our relationship to work. For that we would put much effort such as leaving our friends, changing jobs, etc. In you mind you know that you are fighting a losing battle and then, these things leave us drained.

We try to do everything our partner wants us to do, and then at the end questioning, are we being taken for granted?

In a relationship, if those feelings have crept in, then it should be clear that you are not happy and you would be better off going your own separate ways.

Your partner is still in love with Ex:
Is your partner still thinking what your ex is doing?

Do they bring him/her up in conversations? Talking about one’s ex to a partner can be a sign of them opening up and can also lead to getting to know each other better. However, if they bring up their ex, or continue to compare you is a sign which must not be ignored.

Just remember, you should never be second best.

Jealousy in a relationship:
In the start of a relationship, when your partner expresses their desire to be around you all the time, it sounds cute, and endearing. Nevertheless, if they frown when you want to spend time with your friends or family, it is time that you must start thinking about your relationship.

A thing to remember, you can’t live alone. No one can. So if you have a partner who is always jealous of your friends and bad mouthing them. You should end the relationship as there will come a time when you will feel isolated from the world, and the joy striped out of your life.

If he is violent or abuses you:
Anger is not something which should be taken lightly. The rule of the thumb is:

Even if your partner is the nicest person in the world, if they physically or verbally abuses you, then it is time to break up.

In many instances, we might forgive them, thinking it was in the heat of passion. Or it will never happen again. But one should never make that mistake. Many abusers will never change, and their violent tendency only increases with time.

They might beg for your forgiveness, they may cry in your lap. But remember, if a person is willing to abuse you before marriage, they will not hesitate to do so after you tie a knot.

Get out of this kind of relationship as soon as possible to avoid abusive marriages, or a nasty divorce.

If they have cheated on you:
If you have caught your partner cheating once, there are not many chances that you are ever going to forgive them. Even if they apologize and you forgive them, on the back of your mind you will never trust them.

They may promise you to remain faithful, but every time they are out of the house, or talking to a person of opposite sex, you will be insecure with the thought of infidelity. If you think, you are strong enough to pass this hurdle, then go ahead and give your relationship another chance, but remember, Once a trust is broken, it can never be fixed.

If you are not compatible:
In many cases, the couple may not be compatible. They may argue all the time, but still stay together. These are the people who live for drama. If you find yourself in this kind of relationship where you are constantly fighting and breaking up, then it is time that you should end that relationship permanently.

You may not know it, but sit back and analyze your relationship. If you are constantly arguing over everything, then chances are you are only together for the drama of breaking up and patching up again. These relationships never last, and sooner or later one of the partners would eventually end the relationship. Try to make it sooner.

In the end, relationships can work through many hurdles and obstacles. However, if letting go of a person is better for you in the long haul. Then just sit, take a deep breath, and think hard. It might be the time to end the relationship. 
In a relationship, you and your partner should both be happy with each other.


  1. No one should be in a abusive relationship.


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