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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Poem : A Sad Little Thing Called Love

by Arjuun Sahay  |  in Poetry at  Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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A sad little thing called love
Misery and hurt, those feelings that you feel when the person you love is no longer with you.

Thinking about the finish line
Alone I sit here now

And my heart breaks with the road that I take
And I am hoping I am awake
When you tell me that you are mine

If you look at me now
You‘ll think I have lost my mind

And my heart aches as I sit by the lake
Then I contemplate
Everything reminds me of forgotten times.

Walking down these empty streets
Love is meant to hurt, that’s its design

I feel so alone on this night
Just hold me once, make me feel like home and tell me that you're mine...


  1. Thanks reader, check out others post too, hope you like them also

  2. Hey arjuun, plz write ur experience abt love at first sight ....

  3. A great thought, and the new post will be dedicated to you reader, please mention your name so I may dedicate it.

    1. I wish if i can mention my name here

    2. Sry i can't
      mention it as ur one of d fav fan....;)

    3. Okay no problems. I just hope I can keep impressing you and also keep you as my favourite fan.

    4. Thanks alot.....:)

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