Poem : Mom Told Me Never Talk to Strangers

Poem: Don't talk to strangers

Poetry is an art form of storytelling, and I for one enjoy a good verse with few funny lines. Read and enjoy
my mishaps in a cafe.

Don't talk to strangers

I sit in the ccd I look around I saw this old man stare
He pulled up a chair
Had grey hair with a condescending stare
From which he looked at me intensely
I tried to remember if I knew him from somewhere

You know what I think my boy He paused so I may reflect…. He stood erect
I tried to deflect the subject with some neglect
But I wasn't correct
So I gave him what I know he expects
What do you reckon?

I reckon
It don't matter naught
How you live or how much you got
Or how much you earn from this job you got
Or these baggy jeans that you wear
With some tare along with those long hair
It matter not

Remember boy I am not here to preach
But I and my daughter live in a 5 room suite with bathroom each
I Say again I am not trying to teach
I tell you this I started earning at your age which is 26
And you are stupid as shit
If you think you have a fix
What is broke in your life with money
Which is funny honey but the thing is
I will give it up like that

He leaves me to ponder on his wisdom for a bit
I must admit I felt like a dimwit no chance of getting acquit
With the brief sigh of relief
The man was back with his grief and he begun
Listen chief

The thing is
Kids of today, Like all this crap
That stupid rap music for a fact
With those superficial models it is all a front
Anyone can be a rich cunt
Cause the best things is life can't be bought
You know what I mean boss

His lecture went on as I tried to move on
But he reform
I tried to hit the button of abort As he descend on me and snort As he wasn't finished we me yet To your guys regret
Here comes another verse

The thing what I am trying to say
In my own little way
That you kids of today
Are spoiled little brats
And I reckon people are not wrong to think like that
For a fact
You lazy asses just sit on your bums
Until one of your friends comes or until food comes

I was fed up with the old man’s chat
I will not hear any more I shan't
I pulled up my pants and was ready to decent with my own little rant
But our conversation was interrupted
By this beautiful damsel
With eyes of hazel
And I was completely dazzled



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