Poetry : Story of a housewife

A interesting poem showing a disillusioned life of a house wife

Woke up this morning trying to open my eyes
A little light shined from the cracks in the sky
You lay there peacefully on the other side
Few moments of silence are bliss
Before we criticize and fight
And I wonder
How many more miles to go in this thing called life?

It’s time to wake you up
Another quarrel I try to avoid
I have decided to stay silent
Better not to ruin the morning time
Arguments of yesterday still lingers in my mind
No words were yet spoken about last night
Maybe you to realised that words cut deeper than knifes

Now you go and I have a day to ponder on
I wait till afternoon for you to call
Time moves slow when you wait for something
Even slower
When your heart knows it’s not coming
Maybe you are busy and I am easily upset
But didn’t we fight over this kind of neglect
I was the apple of your eye
But I don’t feel like one anymore
Abhor this feeling, I want to be adored

Evening brings you home
I ask about the day
I should have known
I would get a disinterested reply
“It was okay”
The night follows and I get a taste of your anger
Two people in the same house just like strangers

A little appreciation would be nice
But that just hurts your pride
Ego is between us now
And sorry has lost its point
Another day another fight
That is now my life
And this was my story

Story of a housewife.


  1. Hey Arjuun, ur post r d 1s dat i always njoy reading! Dis z another grt 1, filled wid deep emotions!

    1. Thanks, I try to relate to people as much as I can. Where everyone is busy with their problems, I try to listen to their stories. I appreciate your comments and thanks for reading. I want to ask a particular question. Do you like the theme and the layout of the blog ?

    2. Yup, its nice
      I wnt to comment on dis too but i forgt to write....:)

    3. I wanted to polish the blog text with main reference to the material, I am glad you liked it.

    4. Heyy nice dp

    5. Arjuun , write something relatd to can love happen twice?
      write ur views on dis...

    6. A great idea. I will surly write on this as soon as I get well.

    7. Heyy wat happn to u?

    8. Not been well, cold cough fever the usual.

    9. Oooh same here actually... get well soon

    10. Same goes for you, Good health :)

  2. Heyy wat happn to u?

  3. very nice . very fact is that sorry has seriously lost its value

  4. Love is murdered when we stop investing and start expecting......
    Nice writeup...


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