Poetry : I miss you soo much

I sit here revive memory of past life
The days we spent together
When we had nothing but one other
And you were all that I could call mine

Now few things comes back
Like waves to the shore
They ways that I neglect
The ways I took you for granted
The assumptions of you always be there
And then I fell from your grace which I didn’t wanted

You still carried the burden
The passion lost and forgotten
Didn't think I would miss you this way
Reminiscing of the things back in the days

The heat of the moment we both said few stuff
Thousand love you-s don't count one hate you does
The fire is gone and I am in the dark
Deep in the blue sea surrounded with sharks
Closed my eyes it’s almost dark
Dogs shouting in the park
Now this poem going to turn funny
I was talking about paying videogames honey
Man I miss playing them, I love my childhood days
Even bought a Xbox so I can relive those days
Growing up suck, everyone know
All those responsibilities
You don't have time anymore
But there sit’s my Xbox even though I play only one game now

Fifa I love you, I score a goal take a bow
Obliterating opponents in both the half
Gamers quit early because I am bad-arse
Score 2 in the first half 2 in the second
He is in the menus now, he is going to quit I reckon
I am the king of Fifa
Everyone know
I play to win, even beat you with Arsenal
You won’t even know what hit you
Fancy passes, back heel even skill move too
You will be crying home back to mommy when I beat you
But back to being sentimental
We were being serious
When I say I miss you I was not delirious
Writing and playing games 9 to 5
Anyone can give me that job, here’s a high-five
I guess it will always be a dream
But is it not said, just follow your dreams
Consider this my resume
Give me a job to write and play
My employer will be a God to me
I would wash his feet
But when we play Fifa your arse is getting beat
I think I misled you with those starting lines
But I love playing writing and playing video games as much you do your wives.



  1. Hey arjuun, dis is nice but u said that d nw post wil relate to love at first sight.....

    1. I was going though a bit of a rut and this was something i cooked up this morning, but an article on that will be coming soon. I won't want my readers to feel disappointed.

    2. Actually m waiting for dat article....
      So i asked u
      Take ur time....

    3. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have your wish granted :)

    4. Dats great ...
      M waitinggggg.......:)


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