Truth Or Lies

 Truth                        VS                          Lies

There is a cute little attraction to "Truth', I tend to prefer her over her stepsister "Lies". The thing is truth although may not have the best looking figure or the face that will charm you straight away but it will stay by your side till the end. To be frank even though I was always inspired by her amazing simpleness but I have to admit there is a uncontrollable urge to be with her sister, that special feeling which she gives you that truth cannot.

         Lies the mistress who give us all the answers, she is clever in her thoughts and has a figure so voluptuous that makes her even harder to ignore. She has that perfect symmetrical face and an engaging voice which always makes me desire her more even when I know she is too addictive. Her attraction is always there and if you are not careful enough, bam you are so down the rabbit hole that you wouldn't be able to remember when you first laid eyes on that pretty face. Even though you will feel special with her but there is always a sense of emptiness when you are with her.

        Truth on the other hand was sitting by the corner patiently for me to return. When I look into those big eyes of her's, I only saw hope, she had already forgiven me and when I was finally back with her, The passion through her kiss made me remember the bond that I shared with her of sincerity. When you are with her, you are in neither in fear nor in doubt and when you walk with her with her you have the confidence that she will never leave you, which just makes me want to worship her even more.

       Her passion, simplicity and never ending hope will always remind me, what her sister can't never bring. Her pure love will always triumph her sister's attraction.

So my question for everyone is, what will they choose truth or lies?

Arjuun Sahay


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