Poetry : God I needed you, Where are you?

A conversation between Man and God. 
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God where are you ? 

What do you think God; still have a place for me? I am worried I have lost my soul
But wasn’t success my eternal goal
If money gets me closer to you, money I shall make
I haven’t seen my soul yet, which is on stake
Fake through the life another lies I make You can call me anytime but still you wait Another obstacle I cry your name in vain

Why I am not truly happy what this pain is? Now I have money, I played your games
What is missing, why don’t you explain this? I guess you didn’t listen
Or you are just too busy
Or you must have totally forgotten me
Or do you still miss me? Remember that soul you made
One you sent out
Didn’t seem to care that much still I sprouts
I needed you many a times
There were moments that were hard
I was low on cash confidence and also on life
Now I rest, knowing you are not there
I stared in the sun the sky everywhere
But now I am with regret anger and despair.
At least I had a family and loved ones who always cared!

Son I was always been with you
But you never looked inside
You looked around all the temples
One thing you didn’t undersstand,
I was by your side
I couldn’t leave you even if I wanted
You were my own flesh and blood,

I am glad you never took life just for granted
From your struggles you got what you always wanted

When you closed your eyes, it was my hand on your head
You wrote rhymes which were on your mind, but those were my words you said
Be at peace, no more anger, now you have me
You went through each obstacle perfectly
I believed in you, I knew you had what it takes But I must admit there were moments, I may have showed some neglects
But you must resolve your anger, leave this loathing behind
You have something more precious, that is
great and wonderful people
Who loved you all your life.


  1. Simplyyyy amazingggg.....

  2. Being a writer I must express my big appreciation towards your comments, but for now, I am really flattered and a big thanks for reading and liking my post.

  3. Nice piece of writing.A good thought keep it up.

  4. Thanks for writing this .... :)........Really nice ......

    1. Your welcome Nidhi. I consider this one of my mature work.


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