Immortalize your Memories

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Immortalize your memories

Love is not something which so easily erodes it leaves a huge amount of residue which are called memories

You are gone now and I haven't seen you since
But I would see you again, I was convinced

I keep heading to that route where we usually met
I have to return few memories, those which I have kept

When I saw you
You were happy and I was still sad
I put a brave face but you were still mad

You didn't talk to me, why would you
I was also the cause of misery put upon you

I was naïve, selfish, didn't read between the lines
Why did I believe you when you said you were fine?

The thought of us together, had kept me going
Now that hope is gone,
I may also move on someday without even knowing.

My words will still be there even when I am gone
Everyone will wonder who was it for,

They will search in my other work wanting to know more
They will imagine
A face
A smile
Those cheeks
That I adore

I stand here immortalize your memories in my words
This can be the greatest compliment that I could give you, I suppose.


  1. supr amazing Arjun....gawdddd, wch face of urs is dis??

  2. oh girl you must be on the top of the world thinking that someone remembers you so much but the value is undrustood when it is lost.It looks blogger has a broken heart.

  3. Thanks a lot for the comments. I just felt like acknowledging the person who have inspired me to write this, I owe her a big thanks.

  4. I don't know how would she feels if she would read this. But I just hope she feels as special as she is to my inspiration.

  5. Akanksha Saxena6 July 2013 at 02:49

    Loved it...Well done Junjun..Simply Amazing...:) :)

  6. Simple and touching.......:)

  7. Amazing Arjuun....


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